The funeral will end 11 days of national mourning throughout England who have seen the personal sadness of the royal family playing in an intense international attention.

More than 2,000 people, including the Head of State from US President Joe Biden to the Emperor closed by Japan Naruhito, packaged Westminster Abbey, 

A broad television audience is expected to watch funerals around the world and live online, in a sign of eternal interest with women who have been described as "the last global king".

The Queen's coffin was carried on the same gun carriage used for her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria's funeral.

The oldest son and his successor, Raja Charles III, wore a ceremony military uniform, following a solemn procession, with his three siblings.

After the procession for one hour that passed the Buckingham Palace, the coffin will be taken west by road to the Windsor Castle, where thousands of people have lined up the route since early morning.

Around 6,000 military personnel have been recruited to take part in the trial in what is called by the highest British military officers as "Our last task for His Majesty Queen".

While the leaders of the European Union, France, Japan, India and many other countries were present, Russian people, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Syria and North Korea were not invited.

Queen Elizabeth ruled for 70 years and 214 days - the first British sovereignty celebrated Jubile Platinum. He died at the age of 96.