Tony Sirico Died at 79

Tony Sirico, Star ‘Sopranos’, died at 79
Tony Sirico, Star ‘Sopranos’, died at 79

Tony Sirico, Star ‘Sopranos’, died at 79

Tony Sirico, the actor who plays the eccentric gangster Paulie Walnuts in “The Sopranos,” died Friday in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He is 79 years old.

His death was confirmed by Bob McGowan, his manager. No cause was given.

Paulie Walnuts – who is the nickname of Paul Gualtieri because he once hijacked a truck full of beans (he hoped for television) – was one of the most loyal, too sensitive, and reckless Tony Soprano mafia bosses. Paulie is the type of man who will participate in the intervention for drug addicts, and when it is his turn to speak, punching the man’s face. He loved his mother (even though he knew he was really his aunt), and he loved him because he wrote a check to keep him in an expensive nursing home.

Paulie wore track clothes, slept with prostitutes, was a very phobia about germs, and cats that were hated, and watched television on chairs covered with plastic. He hated being trapped by a restaurant check of almost $ 900 but could appreciate the delicious soy sauce package on a cold night at Pinus Barrens when there was nothing else to eat.

When the “Sopranos” cast appeared in a group shot on the Rolling Stone cover in 2001, Paulie stood with a baseball battery with a casual hanging on her right shoulder. No hairdresser in the “sopranos” set is allowed to touch Mr. Tony Sirico – Dark and luxurious with two silver “wings” on both sides. He smells dry and sprays himself.

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Tony Sirico, Star ‘Sopranos’, died at 79
Tony Sirico, Star ‘Sopranos’, died at 79

Mr. Tony Sirico is also familiar, at a glance, to fans of Woody Allen films. He appeared in some of them, starting with “Bullets Over Broadway” (1994), where he played the right hand of a strong gangster becoming a theater producer. He is a boxing coach at “Mighty Aphrodite” (1995), a convicted person who fled in “Everyone said I Love You” (1996), jailhouse police without further ado in “deconstructing Harry” (1997) and toting weapons Gangster on Coney Island on “Wonder Wheel” (2017).

Gennaro Anthony Tony Sirico Jr. Born in Brooklyn on July 29, 1942, the son of Jerry Sirico, a Stevedore, and Marie (Cappelluzzo) Sirico. Junior, as he was called, remembered that he first got into trouble when he stole nickel from the newspaper stall. He went to school at Midwood High School, but did not graduate, said his brother Robert Sirico.

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“I grew up in Bensonhurst, where there were many types of mass types,” he told the publication of cigar lovers in 2001. “I watched them all the time, watching the way they walked, the cars they were driving, the way they drove approached each other. There is an air about those who are very interesting, especially for a child. “

He worked in construction for a while but immediately gave up on the temptation. “I started running with the wrong type of person, and I found myself doing many bad things,” he said in the documentary film James Toback “The Big Bang” (1989). Bad things like armed robbery, extortion, coercion, and possession of crime weapons.

Why are we still talking about Black Mountain College?
When serving 20 months of four years in Sing Sing, a prison with maximum security at Ossining, N.Y., he saw a group of actors, all ex-convicts, who had stopped there to appear for prisoners. “When I watched them, I said to myself, ‘I can do that,'” he told Daily News in 1999.

He is an additional addition in “The Godfather: Part II” (1974) and made his official film debut in “Hughes and Harlow: Angels in Hell” (1977), from Larry Buchanan, Schlock Director who proclaimed himself. Mr. Sirico followed him with more than a decade of the role in television and small film, closed by his part as a striking Mafia Tony Stacks in “Goodfellas” (1990).

His first advocate among the director was Mr. Toback, who placed it in a crime drama, “Fingers” (1978), with Harvey Keitel; Romantic drama, “Love & Money” (1981), starring Ray Sharkey and Klaus Kinski; and comic drama, “The P.

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