Russia’s Putin announces military mobilization

Putin announces military for Russian citizens
Russia’s Putin announces military mobilization

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday announced a partial military mobilization in Russia, placing the people and the country’s economy on the foothold of the war during the Moscow invasion of Ukraine.

In a rare television announcement that had been recorded before, Putin said the West “wanted to destroy our country” and claimed western had tried to “turn the people of Ukraine into cannon feed,” in the comments translated by Reuters, repeating the previous claims where he blamed the country – Western countries to start a proxy war with Russia.

Putin said the “mobilization event” would begin Wednesday without giving further details, besides saying that he had ordered an increase in funds to increase the production of Russian weapons, after doing (and losing) a large number of weapons during the conflict, which began at the end of February.

Partial mobilization is a blurred concept, but it can mean that businesses and Russian citizens must contribute more to war efforts. Russia has not yet declared a war on Ukraine, despite invading in February, and it called the invasion a “special military operation.”

Putin confirmed that military reserves would be summoned into active agencies, but insisted on wider military service than the Russian people from the age of battle not to occur.

“I repeat, we talk about partial mobilization, namely, only citizens who are currently in reserves that will be subject to military service, and above all, those who serve in the armed forces have certain military specialization and relevant experience. Military service is required to undergo additional military training based on special military operations experience before leaving for the unit, “he said according to the AP translation.

In what was immediately welcomed as an escalation speech, Putin also accused Westerners of being involved in nuclear extortion of Russia and warned that the country had “many weapons to be replied to” for what he said was a western threat – adding that he did not bluff.

Putin has mentioned Russian nuclear weapons at various points during the conflict with Ukraine but there is doubt about whether Moscow will really use such weapons, with analysts saying it can be the same to start the third world war.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs asked all parties to be involved in the dialogue to find a way to overcome the security problems of all parties, while British Foreign Office Minister Gillian Keegan told Sky News that Putin’s comments should not be taken lightly.

“Obviously it is something we must think of very seriously because, you know, we are not in control – I am also not sure he is in control. This is clearly an escalation,” he said.

The financial market reacts negatively to Putin’s comments with oil prices soaring more than 2% and Russian rubles dropping around 2.6% against the dollar.

Russia under pressure

Putin’s comments came as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, began at the end of February, approaching the winter period with the momentum that appeared to be on Ukraine’s side after launching an offensive lightning counter in the northeast and south to reclaim the lost area.

Speculation was installed on Tuesday that Putin can announce full or partial mobilization of the Russian economy and society, opening the way for the possibility of a Russian military service that fights Join Russia.

Votes – which will take place in Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia this weekend and with the results are widely expected to support joining Russia – will allow Kremlin to claim, despite the wrong “defending” his own territory and citizens, that will require more labor.

Putin said on Wednesday that Russia supports references and says that the decision to mobilize part is “fully adequate to the threats we face, namely to protect our homeland, sovereignty, and territorial integrity, to ensure the safety of our people and insiders who freed area. “

The plan to hold such a voice is widely condemned by Ukraine and its Western allies who say they will not recognize ballots and efforts to annex more of Ukraine, as Russia did with Crimea in 2014.

Putin on Wednesday repeated the previous claim from Moscow that the goal of Russia was to “free” Donbas, a territory in East Ukraine where there were two republics who proclaimed themselves, pro-Russia, and said he had ordered the government to provide legal status to volunteers fighting In Donbas, Reuters reported.

Morals are believed to be low among Russian troops who fought in Ukraine and on Tuesday, the Russian Duma chose to tighten the Russian Criminal Code around military service – including increasing punishment for desertion and “other crimes committed in mobilization conditions, martial arts laws, armed. conflict and hostility. “

The British Ministry of Defense commented on Twitter Wednesday that this step was likely to be intended to limit the number of rejections to fight, and was designed to reduce some direct “pressure” on personnel.

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