Republic Day 2022: Will not be able to travel

According to Delhi Police Instructions, under security arrangements for Republican Day celebrations, Delhi Metro services must be partially changed on Republican Day (January 26, 2022). In addition, parking lots will be closed on January 25 and January 26.

Republic Day 2022
Republic Day 2022:Changes made in Delhi Metro route on Republic Day, parking spaces will remain closed

Republic Day 2022:Delhi Metro Closed

This is important news for those traveling by Delhi Metro. Because those who complete their journey by Delhi Metro. They will not be able to travel on certain routes on January 26, i.e. Republic Day. This decision has been taken for security reasons. For this, a new schedule for Delhi Metro has also been released. As per the instructions of the Delhi Police, under the security arrangements for the Republic Day celebrations, the services of the Delhi Metro will have to be partially changed on Republic Day (January 26, 2022).

According to the information given, services on line 2 of Delhi Metro (Hooda City Center – Samaypur Badli) will be changed on January 26, 2022 (Republic Day). This is being done under the security arrangements for the Republic Day celebrations as per the instructions of the Delhi Police. In addition, all metro parking lots will be closed from 6:00 am on January 25 to 2:00 pm on January 26, 2021.

Check out the new schedule here: Republic Day 2022

  • Line 2 (Hooda City Center – Samaypur Badli) Central Secretariat and Udyog Bhawan metro station services will be closed till 12:00 noon.
  • The Central Secretariat Station will be used only for the interchange of passengers between Line 2 and Line 6.
  • The entrance and exit at Patel Chowk and Lok Kalyan Marg metro stations will be closed from 08:45 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
  • All-Metro parking lots will also be closed from 06.00 hrs on January 25 to 2.00 hrs on January 26, 202

Metro will also be closed here on January 29

Metro services will not run from 02.00 hrs to 06.30 hrs on 29 January 2022 at Udyog Bhawan Metro Stations of Central Secretariat and Line 2 (Hooda City Center – Samaypur Badli) under Beating Retreat Ceremony. However, the interchange of passengers from Line 2 to Line 6 (from Kashmiri Gate to Raja Nahar Singh) and vice versa will be allowed at Central Secretariat Metro Station during this period. Normal services will be restored at these stations at 6.30 pm.

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