Putin announces military for Russian citizens

Putin announced military for Russian citizens
Putin announced a partial military mobilization for Russian citizens

Putin announced a partial military mobilization for Russian citizens

MOSCOW-President of Russia Vladimir Putin stated a “partial mobilization” of the Russian armed forces on Wednesday morning-signing the decree that will send Russia who has been through military training to join the battle in Ukraine while quitting the draft.

“Only citizens will be recruited to military service who are currently in reserves and first -first those who have served in the Army, who have a certain profession and have the necessary experience,” will be recruited for the campaign, Putin said on television address for the nation.

The announcement came only a day after several areas controlled by Russia in Ukraine announced a referendum plan to be part of Russia. A series of choreography events reminded the announcement of Russian leaders to send tens of thousands of troops to Ukraine in February.
The announcement of Wednesday Putin also came when his country had struggled to refill his battle troops in Ukraine and suffered a setback on the battlefield in the middle of the Ukrainian offensive.

In a separate television interview, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Russia would immediately summon 300,000 reserves to “hold the line in front” in Ukraine.

In his speech, Putin said that greater strength was needed because Ukraine continued to accept severe weapons with the intention of the “Western Collective” to “weaken, isolate, and destroy Russia.”

The Russian leader also insisted Russia had a moral obligation to protect civilians in some Russia who were occupied by Ukraine when they held a series of “referendums” that aimed at joining the Russian federation this weekend.

Putin also accused the Western power of giving Ukraine a long-distance weapons system that could attack far into Russia and once again accused Ukraine and its allies of threatening Russia with nuclear threats. Putin warns Russia and his people will use “all available ways” in their defense – noting that Russia has capable nuclear weaponry. “This is not a cliff,” Putin said.

“Those who squeeze us with nuclear weapons must be known – The rose can change and blow towards them.”

The Minister of Defense also gave new numbers about Russian victims – said 5,937 Russian troops were killed in battle in Ukraine. Western estimates are much higher.

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