Manchester City vs Club America Result

Manchester City vs Club America Result: Kevin de Bruyne is only two goals, but no beginnings for Erling Haaland
Manchester City vs Club America Result: Kevin de Bruyne is only two goals, but no beginnings for Erling Haaland

Manchester City vs Club America Result: Kevin de Bruyne is only two goals, but no beginnings for Erling Haaland

The title champion of the Premier League, Manchester City, beat the club of the Mexican face America 2-1 in his opening pre-season match in Houston, Texas, but the star of this summer, Erling Haaland did not see the ground.

Haaland had to make his long-awaited debut at the NRG stadium, but he was maintained on the bench due to “a minor complaint on injury”, according to the club’s official website. Cameras captured Haaland dressed in a hooded sweatshirt and sitting next to the back at the Center Ruben Dias, which was not part of the match team.

While the attention was on the new players, it was an old reliable Kevin de Bruyne who explained the two goals of the man. The team captain pushed his position as an attacker midfielder to create his own shot on the first goal, then he ran on a Riyad Mahrez ball and put the goalkeeper just before halftime.

Manchester City vs Club America Result:

Three players from Man City who managed to do their debut were the former River Plate star Julian Alvarez, goalkeeper Stefan Ortega and Kalvin Phillips, who started in the center before moving to his favorite midfielder. Alvarez was the central striker with the opening whistle but did not have a beautiful look because Bruyne said that the titles with his brand are races of the midfielder.

Haaland’s beginnings could occur against his former Bundesliga Nemesis Bayern Munich on Saturday, July 23 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Manager Pep Guardiola said so much after the 2-1 victory against Club America:

“The next game will be ready,” reads a quote on the club’s official website. “He had badges, we don’t want to take risks. Maybe against Bayern, we will see … The season is so long; we will have time, don’t worry.”

How Julian Alvarez behaved during his beginnings

The former man of the flat river did not mark, helped, or generate a cargo of score possibilities for himself, but it was nevertheless a solid beginning. First, he showed that he was ready to fight against an aggressive team from Club America who did not go back.

Alvarez kept his central back occupied, bringing his teammates into the attack and preparing them for fire while presenting his elite death in the process. With Kevin de Bruyne showing that he is back to the threat of the midfielder, the beginner did not have to do much more for the team.

The quality of the field, the disjointed game which took place, and the fact that it was the first pre-season match were not the type of conditions to allow the Argentinian to show its full range of talents, but his 71 minutes were positive. He showed that he could have a role in this team in 2022/23 depending on the type of match.

Ortega, solid Phillips at Man City Bows

Similar to Alvarez, the other beginners were solid but not spectacular, fulfilling specific roles in the team and doing their job. And that’s all they will be asked to do this season.

Ortega was the safe and home goalkeeper who responded to the handful of Club America tests throughout the 90 minutes. He looked like a goalkeeper with personality, and he was not won on the occasion. At 29, and with years of experience in the Bundesliga to his credit, it is not a surprise. He also had a touch on the solitary objective of America.

We also had an early overview of the versatility that Kalvin Phillips could be invited to present in 2022/23. The 26 -year -old was reliable in the two positions he played. An emergency center for return during his days in Leeds, he started the second half there, then moved in the midfield while the submarines were introduced in the second half. He showed that he was ready to make a contribution.

Same old De Bruyne

With all the buzz around new children joining the club, Kevin de Bruyne showed why he carries the captain’s armband for City. It is as opportunistic as the fields, feeling the moment to push and make it count.

These instincts made De Bruyne the highest midfielder in the Premier League in 2021/22 and his 15 goals did not have a single penalty conversion. Club America became his last victim on Wednesday.

Manchester City vs Club America Live Updates, Friendly protruding facts

Finale: Manchester City 2, Club America 1

Fulltime: There were very few things that happened for the rest of the match after Jack Grealish and Kevin de Bruyne were replaced in the second half. It has become a showcase of players from the Academy on both sides, but none could make the difference.

The end result was fair: it was a uniformly played match, but the quality of Man City finally won. The tastes of De Bruyne, Grenish, and Riyad Mahrez are simply a class above.

90th min. Club America seems most likely to score towards the end of this match. Two minutes of stopping time.

79th min .: What a piece by young America the Roman striker Martinez. The cross in the box, however, was easily managed by the defense of Man City. It was one of the strengths of this second half.

77th min.: Man City Subs —Rico Lewis and Kayky are underway for Bernardo Silva and Jack Grenish, who spent an eventful evening.

75th min.: Josh Wilson-Esbrand on the left with the cross finds Cole Palmer but he cannot put it to the goal.

71st min.: Man City Subs —Liam Delap and James McAtee for Julian Alvarez and Kevin de Bruyne. Beginning silent for Julian Alvarez, who was busy, but had a hard time having an impact.

62nd min.: America Sub – Four additional changes for Las Aguilas.

59th min.: Jack Grealish will lose it. He endures this fault of Bruno Valdes, who is officially under his skin.

55th min.: Jack Grealish again in the mixture and he wanted a penalty, but did not understand it and he has words for the referee. Kevin de Bruyne follows this instance with another blow that the goalkeeper stops.

51st min.: Good luck for Jack Grenish, but the ball is arrested by the goalkeeper of America.

46th min.: The second half is underway in Houston. Erling Haaland is still on the captured bench seated alongside Ruben Dias, who is not on the team.

Club America has made six submarines (see the programming section below). Man City replaced three players: Kalvin Phillips (for Nathan Ake), Cole Palmer (for Riyad Mahrez), and Josh Wilson-Esbrand (for Joao Cancelo).

  • Manchester City 2, Club America 1

46th + min.: Another goal from Kevin de Bruyne! Mahrez with an exquisite pass in the Bruyne Oncrasse box, which ends in an expert manner.

43rd min.: Henry Martin Pay for Club America! He beats the offside trap and turned Nathan Ake before shooting. Stefan Ortega has a touch, but the ball still drives in the net.

32nd min.: Sub – Club America replaces his starting goalkeeper at the same time as they did it against Chelsea. Oscar Jimenez replaces Memo Ochoa.

30th min.: Kevin de Bruyne Gost! He obtained a few defenders with the help of a lucky rebound, then curled up the ball as only he can pass the “goalkeeper Memo, Ochoa.

25th min.: Jack Grenish and Memo Ochoa Go nes nose in the America box! Grealish though he had undergone a penalty kick foul that was not called. Ochoa tried to help him, but Grenish did not want any part of this.

18th min.: Yellow card at the Club America Center Back Emilio Lara for a hard fault on Jack Grealish about 25 meters from the goal. But the room takes place from the wall.

15th min.: It was for Club America in transition. It started with Alejandro Zendejas on the right, and the ball goes to Alvaro Fidalgo who shoots. Man goalkeeper Stefan Ortega, with another stop at his beginnings. But Fidalgo is entertaining:

11th min.: Man City’s possession game is back. The club does it patiently. Club America is waiting for her chance to recover it.

3rd min.: America with the first chance! On the set, the beginner of Man City, Stefan Ortega, must stop on the header of Luis Fuentes. It was Riyad Mahrez who was beaten for this head in the box.

1st min.: We are in progress in Houston and Club America is loud. They win a set of sets in the half-attacker.

5 minutes from kick-off: it’s a house filled under the roof at the NRG stadium.

25 minutes of kick-off: warm-ups on the ground

30 minutes from kick-off: Manchester City playing in their new kit tonight.

53 minutes of kick-off: it’s Erling Haaland’s birthday today. We will see if he can get a goal to celebrate.

120 minutes of kick-off: Julian Alvarez has plastered on promotional images, he is sure to say that we will see the ex-River Plat Man on the field.

Manchester City vs Club America Lineups

Erling Haaland started on the bench for Manchester City while Julian Alvarez obtained the head of head between Riyad Mahrez and Jack Greenish. The newcomer Stefan Ortega started in the goals with Nathan Ake and the product of the Luke Mbete Academy in central defense.

Ruben Dias was not appointed to the team. Phil Foden, John Stones, Aymeric Laporte, and Ilkay Gundogan did not go to the United States, with athletics reporting that Gundogan’s vaccination status was the cause.

Departure line of Manchester City (4-3-3, from right to left): 18-Stefan Ortega (GK)-2-kyle Walker, 79-Luke Mbete, 6-Nathan Ake, 7-Joao Cancelo-17-Kevin de Bruyne, 16-Rodrigo, 20-Bernardo Silva-26-Riyad Mahrez, 19-Julian Alvarez, 10-Jack Grealish

Manchester City 46th minute (4-3-3, from right to left): 18-Stefan Ortega (GK)-2-kyle Walker, 79-Luke Mbete, 4-Kalvin Phillips, 97-Josh Wilson-Esbrand-17-Kevin de Bruyne, 16-Rodrigo, 20-Bernardo Silva-Palmer at 80 times, 19-Julian Alvarez, 10-Jack Greallise

Manchester City 71st minute (4-3-3, from right to left): 18-Stefan Ortega (GK)-2-kyle Walker, 79-Luke Mbete, 4-Kalvin Phillips, 97-Josh Wilson-Esbrand-87-James McAtee, 16-Rodrigo, 20-Bernardo Silva-Palmer of 80-Cole, 48-Liam Delap, 10-Jack Grealish

Manchester City 77th minute (4-3-3, from right to left): 18-Stefan Ortega (GK)-82-Rico Lewis, 2-kyle Walker, 79-Luke Mbete, 97-Josh Wilson-Esbrand-87-James McAtee, 16-Rodrigo, 4-Kalvin Phillips-80-Cole Palmer, 48-Liam Delap, 37-Kayky

Unused subsist (6): Ederson (GK), Scott Carson (GK), Finley Burns, Oscar Bobb, Ben Knight, Erling Haaland

Club coach America, Fernando “Tano” Ortiz, sang a good part of the team that started against Chelsea, broadcasting the workload through the team. Uruguayan striker Federico Vinas was against Chelsea and reports indicated that Roger Martinez (injury), Salvador Reyes (injury), and Jorge Mere (coach’s decision) did not trace.

Club America Listege de Début (4-2-3-1, de Droite à Gauche): 13-Guillermo Ochoa (27-Oscar Jiménez, 32 ‘) -3-Jorge Sanchez, 23-Emili Lara, Araujo de 14 netores,—– Luis Fuentes-6-Jonathan dos Santos, 20-Richard Sánchez-17-ALEJANDRO ZENDejas, 10-Deego Valdes, 8-Alvaro Fidalgo-21-Henry Martin

Club America 46th Minute: 27-Oscar Jiménez (GK) -19-Miguel Laun, 18-Bruno Valdez, 4-Sebastian Caceres, 206-Mourition Reyes-6-Jonathan dos Santos, Peter Aquino-25-Jurgen de 5-Pet- Diego Valdes, 8-Alvaro Ficdalgo-21-Henry Martin

Club America 62nd Minute: 27-Oscar Jiménez (GK) -19-Miguel Laune, 18-Bruno Valdez, 4-Sebastian Caceres, 206-Mourición Reyes-201101-Sebastian Martinez, 5-Peters-Petro Aquino-25-Jurgen Dam Karel Campos, 202-Uker Moreno-200-Roman Martínez

Sub no utilizado (3): 35-Fernando Tapia (GK), 24-Federico Vinas, 11-Jonathan «Cacaceta» Rodriguez

Man City vs America TV Channel, diffusion en direct

The United Kingdom and Australia: The friendly match between Man City and Club America will be worn by Man City City + Streaming Channel.

USA: The match is available on ESPN2 (English language) and Turn (Spanish language) with the two channels streaming on FuboTV.

Canada: Man City Summer Friendly will be worn by City + and Dazn.

United Kingdom: The matches are transported to Sky Sports and BT Sports Streaming and TV platforms, with selected matches on Amazon Prime.

USA: Select Matches is a television on USA Network (English) and Telemundo or Universo (Spanish), and the three channels can be broadcast on FuboTV. The other matches are broadcast on the NBC Peacock platform for subscribers.

Canada: Each Premier League game broadcasts live and on-demand exclusively via FuboTV.

Australia: Fans in Australia can broadcast live and demand on Optus Sport.

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