Josh Hawley’s transphobic viral comments

Josh Hawley's transphobic viral comments have briefly explained
Josh Hawley’s transphobic viral comments have briefly explained

Hawley invoked transphobia during an audience on abortion rights in an apparent attempt to flour the basis of the GOP.

During a hearing in the Senate on the future of abortion rights on Tuesday, Senator Josh Hawley (R -MO) became the last republican legislator to use transphobe rhetoric to ensure that the GOP base – and To avoid fighting with the consequences of abortion restrictions across the country.

Hawley, in her line of questions, asked one of the witnesses – UC Berkeley’s law professor Khiara Bridges – why she continued to use the term “people with pregnancy capacity” when she described which would be affected by prohibitions and restrictions on abortion. “Could it be women?” Hawley asked.

Bridges explained that she used this term to include different groups that would be affected by these laws. “Many women CIS have pregnancy capacity, many CIS women do not have the capacity for pregnancy,” said Bridges. “There are also trans men who are capable of pregnancy as well as non-binary people capable of pregnancy.”

“So it’s not really a woman’s rights problem, it’s one -” replied Hawley.

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Josh Hawley was accused of carrying out transphobia questions during sharp exchanges with law professors

Josh Hawley's transphobic viral comments have briefly explained
Josh Hawley’s transphobic viral comments have briefly explained

Josh Hawley’s transphobic viral comments have briefly explained

We can recognize that this has an impact on women while recognizing that it has an impact on other groups. These things do not exclude each other, ”said Bridges. Hawley then asked what she thought that the “nucleus of this right” was on the point. At this stage, Bridges noted that his remarks were limited to whom the conversation on abortion rights should be centered.

“I would like to recognize that your range of questions is transphobic, and this opens up people with violence,” said Bridges, who then quoted studies on the high suicide rate among trans people. Hawley expressed skepticism that his remarks would contribute to violence, encouraging the bridges to note that he refuses the existence of trans people.

“Do you think men can get pregnant?” said bridges.

“No, I don’t think men can get pregnant,” said Hawley.

“So you deny that trans people exist,” said Bridges.

“And that leads to violence?” Said Hawley.

The concerns of the bridges reflect the fact that the political attacks of the legislators against trans persons – in particular denying their existence and the use of legislation to limit their freedom of movement, access to activities, and the availability of health care – have coincided with an increase in physical violence. According to a time report in 2021, anti-trans violence increased following an increase in legislation targeting trans persons. A UCLA 2021 report also found that trans people, especially trans and brown people, were much more likely to be victims of violent crimes than CIS.

You can look at the full exchange here.

The questions of Hawley, who have not recognized how many people are affected by the Supreme Court’s decision to cancel the eggs, are another example of republicans who draw from transphobia in their discussion on the questions on which they have taken a position that does not reflect the position of most Americans. While survey after survey showed it, most Americans support abortion rights, Hawley’s concentration on language allowed him to avoid getting involved with this fact and Rather concentrate on a subject that has proven to galvanize the Republican base.

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) used a similar tactic last spring, during the appointment process for the Supreme Court judge, Ketanji Brown Jackson, who, according to most Americans, was a good choice for the courtyard. After other dishonest attacks that highlighted the problems of cultural war, Blackburn asked Jackson to define what a “woman” was.

Turning their anger on inclusive language is a conscious strategy. It allows Republicans to distort and minimize the effects of laws such as abortion prohibitions, omitting groups they affect. Getting involved in transphobia also plays well with certain members of the Republican base. And that deviates arguments on the question to be accomplished: in the case of Hawley, he and his party want to limit access to abortion, although it is an unpopular national position.

Like Julie Allen, a Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative stock market wrote for Wbur: “Transphobia is not an ideology – this is a sound -end corner problem used by opportunistic politicians, the fear of their right-wing base. “

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