GTA 6 gameplay video leaks Shows city location

GTA 6 gameplay video leaks.
GTA 6 gameplay video leaks.

GTA 6 gameplay videos leaked. It shows the city location and the new protagonists

The Rockstar Games executive might scratch their heads after more than 90 Video Gameplay Grand Theft Auto 6 which lacks development leaked on various social media platforms on Sunday.

Reportedly, a user named ‘Teapotuberhacker’ in Gtaforums claims that they are behind the leakage that originated from the GTA 6. Post Build Test, which has been deleted since it was written by saying, “Here are 90 recordings/clips from GTA 6. Maybe I can Leak more data, source code, and Asset Source GTA 5 and 6, GTA 6 Testing Build. “

Video authenticity can be measured by the fact that Rockstar Studios works all the time to record video gameplay on YouTube and other social media platforms.

In one of the leaked videos, a player named Lucia with his accomplices Jason, in a true GTA style seized the waffle restaurant.

Rumors have made a round since Rockstar announced the development of GTA 6 that he would have a male and female protagonist. Some netizens claim that it is Rockstar’s satirical view of the Bonnie and Clyde story.

In addition, NPC conversations, cars, and other assets reminded one of GTA 5. Given that GTA 5 was launched in 2013 and that the rumors about the new game that was in the development of spinning since 2014, only made sense that the video was leaked Bringing a slightly older appearance and nuance.

The game is still far from finished and leakage can encourage Rockstar to delay the release of the product. Some experts believe that leaks will force rockstar to destroy the flexibility of work-from-home for the developer which can cause a temporary stop in the development process.

GTA is one of the highest best -selling AAA video games in the world with its high popularity, almost 10 years after the launch of the previous iteration, GTA V. This studio has focused its energy to expand GTA V Online and develop Red Dead Redemption 2.

However, because both products have been out in public for several years now and are quite successful, Rockstar is fully committed to its flagship project.

The fans, however, are very happy that after a few years or no information, they finally have something to be devoured, until the official game or trailer is released.

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