Dragon Ball Fighterz gets Rollback Netcode,

It seems that the features that are highly requested will only be included in the PS5 version, Xbox Series X/S, and PC

Dragon Ball Fighterz gets Rollback Netcode, the next upgrade
Dragon Ball Fighterz gets Rollback Netcode, the next upgrade

Dragon Ball Fighterz gets Rollback Netcode, the next upgrade

EVO 2022, the biggest event this year when it came to the battle match, brought some interesting news to fans of Dragon Ball Fighterz. During the event, producer Tomoko Hiroki went on stage to announce that Rollback Netcode was added to the 2D brawler. The announcement came down very well with fans, who were eager to praise and entertain Bandai Namco’s decision.

In a tweet, the publisher revealed that the PS5 and Xbox One versions of the game are currently under development, with Rollback Netcode functionality being implemented. The PC version will also be updated so that players can use the Rollback Netcode system. There is no time period when the next generation version or a new system will be available, but we can wait for a little. According to the Dragon Ball Fighterz team, “This will take the system until the system is applied, but we sincerely hope you will enjoy it as soon as possible.”

It seems that Rollback Netcode will not be added to Dragon Ball Fighterz on PS4 and Xbox One, but the option to increase to the next generation edition will be available. “The PlayStation 4 version will be compatible with the temporary improvement program the Xbox One version will be compatible with smart shipping,” the developer said. Unfortunately, no support for the Nintendo Switch version.

Rollback Netcode are two words that fans of battle games want to hear. For those who might not be accustomed to this term, basically predicts the movements of the two players that might occur during online games. The system then “revolves” to the correct state based on the actual input of the button. This makes it possible for a much smoother experience compared to the delay-based Netcode, which can cause latency and lag problems. There is a practical guide on Rollback Netcode on the PlayStation blog (opened in the new tab), which explains how it works and why it is the best choice for battle games.

Dragon Ball Fighterz is just one of the many great fighters that you can play now, see the rest in our guide for the best battle games.

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