Better Call Saul’ might be the greatest

Better Call Saul' might be the greatest of all time — if it can stick the landing
Better Call Saul’ might be the greatest of all time — if it can stick the landing

Better Call Saul’ might be the greatest of all time

Better Call Saul, an AMC event that functions as a prequel and sequel to breaking bad, has been extraordinary since its debut in 2015. Depending on how well it sticks to the landing in the last episode of the sixth season and the last, it can end as the best dramatic TV series ever made.

And this makes me fascinated, because this series, has been fully engineered upside down and built from pieces of previous events. Now after the ending, it’s fun to look back on exactly how the character and story of Saul are made from the original seeds sprinkled on Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad Creator Vince Gilligan is also behind the better Call Saul, along with Co-Creating Peter Gould. With the previous series, Gilligan knew the journey he wanted to take the main character: Walter White, played brilliantly by Bryan Cranston, will leave a high school science teacher who is a gentle school to become the ruler of a drug-making introduction that kills. But the road to get from point A to point B is wide open.

With a better Call Saul, this is different. Some short and intermittent footage is arranged in the future after breaking bad, but most of the series is the origin, following the cunning lawyer’s character Saul Goodman, the first time we met in season 2 of Breaking Bad. Saul, played by comedian Bob Odenkekk, is and is a type of lawyer who spoke hard and brought heavy shtick – especially on a local TV place that advertised his services.

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Gould wrote an episode of Breaking Bad that introduced Goodman, and when it was time to make a series of better Call Saul, the author’s staff took inspiration from ideas and dialogue lines that intend Gould as Throwables. For example, a better series called Saul presented Odenkirk as Jimmy McGill, a low rental lawyer who will need several seasons to adopt Saul Goodman’s personality. But the seeds are placed in the Breaking Bad episode where the Odenkirk character meets Walter and admitted that he considers the name that is heard by the Jews because he thinks it will be good for business.

The part of the Spin-OFF series set in the past is all about Jimmy, and two other leading characters – no one appeared in Breaking Bad at all. One of them is Jimmy’s girlfriend, Kim Wexler, a colleague of the lawyer – and, finally, fellow artists – played so mysteriously by Rhea Seehorn. The other is Jimmy’s brother, Chuck, played by Michael McKean, whose character is a lawyer who is far more successful and respected.

This is a good new addition. Kim, like Jimmy and Walter, is the character we have to watch breaking bad on a very slow and sad spiral. And the competition of siblings between Jimmy and Chuck is as beautiful to watch as what happened between Frasier and his brother Niles on the Frasier sitcom, which is a spin-off of another extraordinary sitcom, cheers.

The two brothers, Niles and Chuck, were created for their respective spin-offs, and it is better to call Saul who gets great benefits from the addition.

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But Gilligan and Gould did not inspire Breaking Bad. The short black-and-white scene that shows Saul’s fate now has a character who adopts another name and will return to Albuquerque after hiding disguises in Nebraska.

It might look random, but in Saul’s last conversation with Walter about Breaking Bad, Saul refused Walter’s request to continue working as his lawyer by saying his goal was to be “TN. Low Profile,” which, in “the best-case scenario,” may end up managing Cinnabon In Omaha.

However, there is nothing bad from the surprisingly Breaking Bad as the initial indicator of what Saul is called a better scene of the episode that introduces Saul. Walter and Met-producing couple, Jesse (Aaron Paul), were upset because Saul would not do what they had asked him to do.

So they dug a hole the size of a grave in the desert, wearing a ski mask, and kidnapped Saul, covering his head with a hood. When they tied his hand behind his back, drove him to the desert, and dropped him kneeling, Saul assumed that they had been sent by someone named Lalo.

That is the only mention of Lalo in Breaking Bad, but clearly, from Saul’s perspective, he is someone who is really feared. That is why it is very surprising that, in the latest episode of Better Call Saul, the most threatening and deadly character is none other than the same Lalo, played by Tony Dalton. The latest episode of Better Call Saul, in May, made Lalo kill the main character which was so brutal and surprising that I still hadn’t forgotten it.

What is happening right now? I don’t know, and AMC did not send an episode to see a preview. We know that, for this last episode, Carol Burnett appears as a newly introduced character, which is really interesting. And we know that the fate of Kim Seehorn, whatever it is, it will be drastically quite drastic to prevent him from making even one appearance on Breaking Bad, and will complete Jimmy’s transformation into Saul Goodman who is truly amoral.

That’s how Gilligan, Gould, and the company connect the points between the new set of points A and point B which will determine how great the performance is better, Saul’s ultimate call. The devil is in detail. And at this event, as well as brilliance.

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