Anne Heche’s car accident scene is described

Hollywood actress Anne Heche in a coma after a car accident
Anne Heche’s car accident scene is described as ‘terrible’: ‘Nobody can prepare me’

Anne Heche’s car accident scene is described as ‘terrible’: ‘Nobody can prepare me’

Anne Heche remained in a “very critical condition” after a fiery accident -last Friday where she suffered severe burns.

In an update, a spokesman clarified that apart from the previous report, the 53 -year -the old actress was not considered in a “stable” condition.

“Apart from the previous report that Heche was stable, shortly after the accident, Anne Heche became unconscious, slipped into a coma, and in a critical condition,” the statement said.

“He has a significant lung injury that requires mechanical ventilation and burns that require surgical intervention.”

A representative told the deadline that the situation was severe.

“At this time, Anne is in extremely critical conditions,” the outlet reported.

“He was in a coma and did not regain consciousness since shortly after the accident.”

Heche was involved in the accident when his car crashed into a house in Mar Vista, on the edge of Los Angeles.

“Heavy fire” then broke out that needed 60 firefighters per hour to be extinguished.

The police told NBC KNBC affiliates that Mini Cooper Heche had accelerated the residential road before appearing to limit and launch more than nine meters to the house.

Investigators received a warrant to attract Heche’s blood to determine whether he was drunk during the accident, said the police.

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Hollywood actress Anne Heche in a coma after a car accident
Anne Heche’s car accident scene

If it is determined that Heche is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, he can face a minor violation of DUI and hit-and-run accusations.

The woman who lives at home, Lynne Mishele, was not hurt because she was in the backyard with her dogs during the accident.

Michele called Jennifer Durand, the homeowner, to explain what happened.

“Lynne called me and asked if I was sitting, and then told me that a car crashed into a house and it burned,” Durand told People.

He described the scene of the accident as terrible, adding “no one can prepare me.”

“When I arrived, we hugged a lot and cried,” he recalled.

“At that time, I was very relieved and grateful that he and his animals had survived this.

“No one can prepare me for what the house is.

“There are many memories there, and it just disappears.”

According to a neighbor, Lynne Berstein, Heche’s car left “almost all the way” to a small residential house.

The Fire Department of Los Angeles said the house was now structurally damaged and highly affected.

Photographs of the scene showed Blue Mini Cooper Heche significantly caught fire and the front of the house was destroyed.

Heche drove alone, said, officials.

Witnesses told TMZ that Heche first crashed into the garage of the apartment complex before turning and leaving, then crashed into Mar Vista’s house nearby.

Los Angeles authorities are still investigating the cause of the accident.

Heche is a former partner of the Talk Show As Ellen Degeneres.

The couple began dating in 1997 before separating in 2000.

Heche is famous for films including Donnie Brasco, Cedar Rapids, and Psycho Remake 1998.

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